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For Fast, Affordable Relief of
Ailing Networks and Computers,
Make an Enlightened Decision.

Call "The Guru."

A Holistic Approach to Business Technology


  • Field technician
  • It engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Systems engineer for a software development company


  • Microsoft Systems Engineer
  • Novell Netware Engineer
  • A+
  • Security +
  • Wireless Network Administrator

The Guru Will Help You
Find Peace of Mind with these
Stress-Relieving Problem-Solving Services.

  • Troubleshooting
  • PC Maintenance, Upgrades & Optimization
  • Network & Internet Issues
  • Printer Problems
  • Security
  • Wireless Networks
  • Finding The Right Hardware & Software For Your Budget
  • Help With Online Support
  • Easy-To-Understand TechTalk Translations
  • And More!

Here's Your Guide
To The Guru.

My name is Allie Peed, and I've been helping small business customers solve computer and IT problems for more than 20 years.

Troublesome PCs... hard-to-figure software programs... challenging network and Internet issues... security and wireless network set-ups... smart hardware and software recommendations...

Thanks to my years of experience... my industry IQ... and a fat file folder full of certifications from leaders like Microsoft and Novell, I can handle the job quickly, affordably and effectively.

That's why a growing number of small business owners, network administrators and office managers call on me to keep their critical systems running, day in and day out.

If you need assistance with your computers, software or network, make an enlightened decision. Call the Guru.

References available on request.

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Why My Clients Call Me The Guru

"When our computers go down, it's a big problem. But fortunately we have the Guru on our side. He responds quickly. He's very reasonable in terms of pricing. And he keeps us running. That's just what we need." - John Easton, Co-Owner, Ace Swim & Leisure

"In the software business, we need high-level technical skills and expertise. The Guru is certified in both Novell and MS Windows. So he can handle just about any computer or network problem we run into." - Earl Dillman, President, RevenuePlus Management, Inc.

"The Guru's been helping us keep our animation studio running for more than 15 years. He's a great troubleshooter. And he's saved me a lot of money by finding affordable technology that really does the job." - Fred Armstrong, Owner, Animatus Studio

"Allie has done such great work for me and my family that on a couple of occasions I've paid more than he asked." - Hank Shaw, Corporate Communications Consultant

"He helped set up our new system. And whenever there's a problem, he comes right over. He's really our IT person for the office. He does a great job and saves us money. I've recommended him many times." - Dr. Frank Grayson, Grayson Chiropractic Associates

The Guru greatly appreciates the willingness of these clients to speak publicly on his behalf.